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Log In Sign Up. Keep me logged in on this device Forgot your username or password? Don’t have an account? Sign up for free! Gold Saucer Date Scene? What is the purpose or reward for doing the date scene at the Gold Saucer? User Info: FinalGaiden Thanks, and for all the trouble you can go through deciding who you date, no reward is pretty lame! Accepted Answer. Nothing, you don’t get any reward.

Dialogue Choices and Consequences | Chapter 14 Resolutions | FF7 Remake

If you are wondering how to get the scene with Tifa, Aerith or Cloud, or you want to know whether you should go to Jessie’s house or drink with Tifa, we’ve got you covered! List of Contents. How to Answer Aerith’s Question.

Final Fantasy VII Remake has a secret Gold Saucer-esque date scene for FF7 Remake, but we’re not spoiling the Chapter 14 secret scenes.

The Gold Saucer is one of the premiere locations in Final Fantasy VII , and fans of the original are surely foaming at the mouth to see how the Remake expands on the beloved area after seeing how much love Wall Market was given. Filled with mini-games the players can indulge in, the Gold Saucer offers some of the best rewards in the entire game. Better yet, several of the mini-games are just genuinely fun to play.

All this said, perhaps the cherry on top of the Gold Saucer is the date Cloud gets to go on near the end of Disc 1. All four dates are extremely memorable, but two in particular might be worth more trouble than most players are willing to put in. Of the four possible dates Cloud can take with him when the party returns to the Gold Saucer, Yuffie is the single hardest character to go out with. Players need to make sure to get Yuffie as soon as possible and to keep her in the party over the other girls and Barret.

Interestingly, Yuffie is the most affectionate with Cloud, kissing him on the Gondola. Cloud remains silent as is the case with most the dates, but his silence is especially noted here as Yuffie tries to make smalltalk. Which in itself is something to make note of. Cloud can win points with Barret after the fight with Air Buster if he stays strong and holds onto the railing, for instance. That said, their date really is just two friends hanging out, with Cloud a bit more talkative than on his other dates.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake: Date mechanics & romance event

Of course Aerith, Tifa, Barret and Cloud take the spotlight, but even smaller characters like Biggs, Wedge and Jesse have some time to shine too. So as we alluded to above, Jesse is a huge flirt in Final Fantasy 7 Remake. Cloud is tall, brooding, handsome, and mysterious, so we can certainly understand the appeal!

Information on the date – part of the Final Fantasy VII walkthrough and While this date scene has little relevance to the overall story and game itself, there is a.

This book is sort of like a journal. Cloud… can you hear me? I hope this reaches you okay, like when I hear the voice from the planet. People, animals, flowers… The life on this planet will disappear completely. The only one who can stop it is the last surviving Cetra. I realize that. That was the duty of the Cetra. So, leave Meteor to me. You just think about yourself, Cloud.

The view from the gondola that night was really beautiful.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake Part 2: Here’s how ending will impact next FF7 game

This week’s Final Fantasy VII Remake , in spite of its flaws and oddities, does the unimaginable: it delivers to just about any audience who might be interested in this specific RPG series and this specific game. That’s good news for anyone who has awaited this popular game’s return for 23 years. But big as that niche may be, it’s still a niche. The production values, at their best, are exhilarating. The updated combat system sees Square Enix get its closest yet to nailing battles in a JRPG, with a system that runs at a bombastic-yet-smooth clip.

And it’s nice to get to know some familiar faces in a stretched-out return to the iconic fantasy city of Midgar.

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Date mechanics

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However, I’ve just been told Sephiroth has gone to the temple of ancients and I should head there too – so I know I’m close to the point of everything changing. I know that the date night ‘must’ occur before this point, as someone involved will no longer be able to come after that point.

If you are wondering how to get the scene with Tifa, Aerith or Cloud, or you want to know whether.

What was long regarded as nothing more than a fanboy’s fantasy is finally becoming a reality, and we couldn’t be more thrilled. Since its release in , Final Fantasy 7 has spawned numerous spin-off games, a couple of movies, and its characters have made cameos across the Square-Enix library. Clearly, the game’s popularity hasn’t wanned in the almost two decades since its release.

Final Fantasy 7 has also already enjoyed numerous re-releases, so if you’re itching to play the game in its original form you have plenty of options. With this remake, Square-Enix has the opportunity to make some tweaks and adjustments to the FF7 formula. They’re already giving the game a modern-day facelift – but the possibilities don’t end there. At the same time, it’s important not to go overboard and lose the oddball stuff that made this JRPG great.

Here are our picks for what should – and should not – change in this new Final Fantasy 7. Even the most ardent Final Fantasy 7 fan will admit to you that the game’s controls are janky as hell, and there’s nowhere that this is more evident than the mini-games. There are a plethora of mini-games strewn throughout Final Fantasy 7, featuring snowboarding, a motorcycle ride through techno-town, a tower defense game, and the wondrous carnival that is Gold Saucer – and they all handle about as well as you’d expect they would coming from a company whose only 3D game prior to this was Tobal No.

Square-Enix will have to go back to the drawing board on a lot of these things, enhancing controls and perhaps increasing the depth to the games – perhaps make chocobo racing a little more involved than simply holding a button down and letting it go to replenish stamina. Maybe we’ll even get few new ones within Gold Saucer like the ones found in Final Fantasy

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There is a scene that occurs during a playthrough at the end of Disc 1 when the team returns to Gold Saucer. This scene involves the main character of the game, Cloud, going out on a date with one of the other characters. Who he goes out with is largely dependent on choices that you make throughout the game. Throughout the Jegged.

Final Fantasy VII Remake isn’t just an RPG in that you’ll be leveling up a So in a manner not unlike the Gold Saucer date scene in the original.

Remember Me? Page 1 of 2 1 2 Last Jump to page: Results 1 to 15 of Thread: What date scene is best, anyway? What date scene is best, anyway? Right now I’m aiming for a date with Yuffie, and according to my calculations, I’m about to succeed. Anyway, I did all the other dates already, and I remember laughing as hell during the date with Barret. XD None of them seemed to like the date at all, and still they were going, haha!

Now what do you think of the Yuffie date? What am I in for? What date is the best one? And so on. The Yuffie date is cute, cause she kisses him.

FFVII: Date with Yuffie