Indian media was active since the late 18th century. The print media started in India as early as Radio broadcasting began in Indian media is among the oldest in the world. It dates back even before the reign of Ashoka. India also has a strong music and film industry. As of 31 March , there were over , publications registered with the Registrar of Newspapers for India.

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CrossRef citations to date. 4 Pages | Published online: Introduction: The State and Economic Development in India explaining the politics of the green revolution and consequent self-sufficiency in food grains, The brokers of the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) successfully resisted both till the.

Newspaper can be defined as a printed means of conveying current information. Today the newspaper in India is a proud institution of our society. While working as a vehicle of persuasion its basic function is to provide info-edu-tainment information, education and entertainment. Source: www. From the development of language and scripts to printing and finally to the world-wide-web of the internet, we have developed an impressive array of communication systems.

With the help of these systems only, we are able to send messages instant across vast distances and arouse similar meanings in millions of people simultaneously. Be it newspapers, magazines, books, radio, television etc. And the paper was filled with lots of advertisements with the name- The Calcutta General Advertiser.

In fact, its front page was filled with advertisements only. Summary on the History of Modern Education during British India – This period was marked by strict government control and censorship. If some newspapers print any news against the government then the strict punishment was given.

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Global Compact Network India (GCNI) was formed in November and Elphinstone (W), Mumbai Preparing Tomorrow’s Workforce for the Fourth Industrial Revolution. (Online higher education platform); and children till date. Intelligence Depend on Gender, Sage. ​doi/.

The first thing you notice about Twomangoes. They prefer meeting over a cup of coffee and bonding over more fluid interests like favorite movies and books, rather than ticking off qualities through a pre-set list of attributes that are often physical or family-given. Instead, she signed up for Trabblr. And nobody in India is addressing its youth. Nobody in India is addressing people outside of the marriage context. But as these sites have discovered, taking Indians online to date requires in many ways a wholesale re-education of cultural norms.

For a start, just as in real life in India, sex ratios online skew towards males, with just one in every five users a woman, according to a report by CLSA, which also states that about half of Indian women online are single. On Twomangoes. For other users, dating sites place far too great an emphasis on shared interests at the peril of sacrificing more realistic markers of compatibility.

On Ditto.

Mumbai Journal: An Online Dating Revolution, in India

Feminism comprises a number of social, cultural and political movements, theories and moral philosophies concerned with gender inequalities and equal rights for women. At this time, the western idea of liberty, equality and fraternity was being imbibed by our educated elite through the study of English and the contact with west. In the post-Independence period during the first few decades, the major concern was for overall economic growth.

This was immediately followed by another decade, which witnessed an increased concern for equity and poverty alleviation.

As parts of Mumbai went faced more than mm rainfall, which in general terms is equivalent of 11 days of average daily monsoon rainfall in 12 hours – on.

It was a bright April day of prodigious heat in Mumbai , India, with the monsoon still weeks away, and I wondered if the year-old architect enjoyed witnessing that first beguiling effect his building had upon me. Jain, who has designed a number of homes, such as Utsav, is an unlikely choice of architect for this place. Mumbai is a crass, brass-balled town where only those who do not have money are discreet about it. Utsav — with its outer walls of black basalt, its smooth, waxed concrete floors and louvered windows of opaque ribbed glass — feels as if it had come up out of the ground, less a house than an intervention.

Large, airy rooms with low beds and spartan furniture are arranged around a central courtyard of red earth, where glossy, large-leaved verdure grows. A lap pool, tiled with river stones from the western state of Gujarat, feeds the garden with its overflow. The house feels utterly transparent, as if built by a man possessed of a horror of interior walls.

It has those subtle flourishes that come to certain artists who, in the process of paring down their craft to lean mass alone, feel a sudden nostalgia for the lyrical: There is a lily pool — pink flowers against dark water — tucked into the side of a courtyard-facing living room. Old-fashioned light switches, whose chrome has been sedulously scrubbed away, vanish into the smooth taupe surface of the interior walls.

It was impossible to live in such a place without being reminded on a daily basis of the fragility and beauty of our lease on the earth. I was taking it all in when Jain, sitting across the dining table from me, began to tell me the story of a suicide. I had asked him how he dealt with the ugliness of modern building in India, and he, in response, told me of a young garden hand who had worked for him before hanging himself some years ago in his own house.

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West Bengal government changes the lockdown dates again. Covid cases in Mumbai are coming under control after a lot of hard work, Many of the nation’s largest districts plan to start the academic year online, and it is unclear when Signs of farm ‘revolution’ in India as Covid prompts change.

The Department has also been allocated administration of the following Acts The Department is also administratively concerned with all the matters relating to the Indian Legal Service. With a view to promote studies and research in law and for improvement in legal profession, this Department sanctions grant-in-aid to certain institutions engaged in these fields like Indian Law Institute and Bar Council of India.

The nature of duties discharged can be broadly classified into two areas- Advice work and Litigation work. With the development of the society the legal profession underwent a metamorphosis and several attempts have been made for proper dispensation of justice and to cater the legal needs of the society. One such attempt made in to cater the needs of the Government qualitatively is creation of Central Legal Service the forerunner of the present Indian Legal Service.

The digital revolution has changed the dynamics of information sharing and the economy has created new areas of wealth creation. This necessitates the ILS officers to update the legal skill and acumen to cater to emerging legal needs. They being the Principal Legal Advisers to the Government have responded effectively and speedily to the demands made upon them by the various organs of the Government and play a pivotal role in both advisory as well as in drafting work.

This Is an Indian House, According to One Architect

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This article argues that the Green Revolution in Pakistan has failed to live up to its promise of ending hunger, The Journal of Peasant Studies. Volume CrossRef citations to date. 0 Pages | Published online: His case study – East Punjab in India – underlined the extent to which reduced income.

Have women reclaimed make-up and skincare as a form of empowerment, or have we simply submitted to a capitalist power structure that would like us to believe consumerism equals emancipation? Verve delves into these grey areas as Read more. Even though certain claims by vegans as well as omnivores are backed by science, there is no objective answer to the question of which dietary doctrine is more effective. So, while chef and meat eater Megha In addition to appearing on her own books, her detailed works have featured on the covers of a few Amitav Ghosh novels.

During an informative chat Founder of the conscious baby products brand Masilo, Eisha Maskara Sheth, and her husband, Kshitij Sheth, share tips for first-time parents who want to kickstart safe habits when it comes to shopping for their newest family The columnist has found that reading stories set in fictional or dystopic worlds assuages his paranoia and anxiety about the planet and himself.

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Dating is a stage of romantic relationships in humans whereby two people meet socially with the aim of each assessing the other’s suitability as a prospective partner in an intimate relationship. It is a form of courtship , consisting of social activities done by the couple, either alone or with others. The protocols and practices of dating, and the terms used to describe it, vary considerably from country to country and over time.

Mumbai Journal An Online Dating Revolution In India Dating Site For Latinos.​Online Dating Roman (Romania, Neamţ).What To Know About A Guy Before.

Abigail McGowan is a visual historian of colonial India. Her research has explored craft development Crafting the Nation in Colonial India , , new consumption strategies a coedited book, Towards a History of Consumption in South Asia , , and, most recently, changing ideas of the ideal home in twentieth-century Bombay. Journal of the Society of Architectural Historians 1 December ; 75 4 : — In the s, upper-class residents of Bombay were bombarded with ideas and products intended to make their homes modern.

In s Bombay, attention shifted from household practices to style—a distinctively modern look expressed through new architectural spaces and the latest consumer goods. They need not be expensive with so much to choose from. Although relatively few residents would have been able to take this advice to heart in Bombay, a city where, as of , 75 percent of the population lived in single rooms for lack of affordable housing, the ad spoke to the new popular interest in western India in introducing modern styles into Indian homes.

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In , Yuval Noah Harari, a young historian at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, began to write a book derived from an undergraduate world-history class that he was teaching. Twenty lectures became twenty chapters. Harari, who had previously written about aspects of medieval and early-modern warfare—but whose intellectual appetite, since childhood, had been for all-encompassing accounts of the world—wrote in plain, short sentences that displayed no anxiety about the academic decorum of a study spanning hundreds of thousands of years.

A research paper on the food service industry in India, market trends, and key revolution of sorts in the last few years with the emergence of the online food In India, the earliest reference of restaurants dates back to early BC when taverns business with the high end Masala Library restaurant in Mumbai and Delhi.

Annual Reports. Committee Reports. Press Releases. Public Notices. In India, insurance has a deep-rooted history. The writings talk in terms of pooling of resources that could be re-distributed in times of calamities such as fire, floods, epidemics and famine.

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Since , the monsoon has become the most stressful time of the year for Aarti Bidkar. Fifteen years ago, floods swamped her ground-floor flat in Andheri, destroying everything. Dahanu broke its year August rainfall record after it received mm rain early on Wednesday, exceeding its previous best of mm in A five-year-old girl who fell into an overflowing nullah while fleeing home with her family during a flash flood in Dahanu early on Wednesday was found clinging to a tree for over four hours when help arrived.

It has been 15 years since Mumbai has faced one of its worst floods of all times on the 26th of July in

Sumit K. Majumdar, University of Texas, Dallas. Publisher: Cambridge University Press; Online publication date: June ; Print publication year: ; Online.

While India has always been a food-loving country with each region having its own special cuisine, Indians have never been very big on eating out. But all that is changing now. The restaurant industry in India has been growing at a rapid pace over the last decade or so and the growth story is set to continue for the next foreseeable future. There were nearly 22 lakh hotel and restaurant establishments in India in The food service or restaurant industry was worth a whopping Rs.

The growth of the restaurant industry coincided with the growth of the great Indian middle class, which was the byproduct of liberalization. Rapid urbanization, growing awareness of Western lifestyles, more women joining the workforce, and higher disposable income were some of the factors that contributed to the growth of the restaurant industry.

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