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Although having been slightly over cleaned verso, there are full hallmarks on one link for Ward Brothers, the Birmingham anchor mark followed by the Lion rampant, and the date letter for The remaining links are all marked with the date letter. In super overall condition, there is no loss to report to either the silver links, or the stones themselves, the locking mechanism on the clasp is still in working order. Glasgow silversmiths The Ward Brothers produced jewellery from the nineteenth century and were originally based in Edinburgh and Glasgow. Later moving to Birmingham where this piece was crafted to increase production, they produced Scottish designs with brilliant faceted stones. The tail of a witch’s heart twists to one side and is a shape that has been in use since the fifteenth century.

Scottish silver : it’s not just about kilt pins

The statute made it date responsibility of the Wardens of the Goldsmiths’ Guild to mark all items of scottish standard with a leopard’s head stamp. Today there date still offices in Edinburgh, where hallmarking has information regulated since the 15th century, and in Birmingham and Sheffield, where assay offices were established by an Act of Parliament in. The leopard’s head silver date, which has been used in various forms as the symbol of the London Assay Office since hallmarking began.

Sep 25, – silver and sterling silver markings | date letters chart silver Scottish silver marks: marks and hallmarks of Edinburgh sterling silver Me On A.

Have you ever wondered what your piece of Scottish silver is worth? Find out more about the history of the Scottish silver and how to recognise Scottish hallmarks and get in touch using the form below for a free valuation. Scottish silver is one of our passions and we have made this guide so that you can read the marks on your piece of Scottish silver.

Scotland had its own slightly peculiar system of marking silver, so if the marks on your Scottish silver are baffling you then hopefully you can use this guide to help you get started. If you are deciding on how to sell your Scottish silver we can have a no obligation chat on the best options for you.

We can either make a personal introduction to the best saleroom based on your location and item free of charge. Or we can look into collecting you some no obligation offers for a private sale, which could save you considerably in commission. Mark Littler Ltd. We offer trusted, independent advice to help you sell your silver for the highest possible price. The two main assay offices in Scotland were based in Edinburgh and Glasgow. The marks that were placed on silver assayed here followed the same rules as the English assay offices except for one notable difference; instead of a Lion Passant to indicate the standard they used a Thistle in Edinburgh and a Lion Rampant in Glasgow.

If your piece was assayed in either Edinburgh or Glasgow you can use this guide to read you marks. If it was assayed elsewhere then we have a guide on how to read other silver hallmarks here. The Edinburgh assay office has been marking silver since


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A typical set of antique British silver hallmarks showing (left to right); rd Mark, Mark, Letter, Mark and ‘s Mark. This set of.

The islands have a rich history with Scottish, Irish and Nordic influences reflective in these unique jewelry designs. Spirals are ancient Celtic symbols found in old illuminated manuscripts, on stone carvings and more. Made in Scotland. Gift box included. To ensure you receive a quality Sterling Silver, made in Scotland Gift box and chain included. Sterling Silver, Sterling Silver, made in Scotland.

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Scottish Silver Overview

Scottish jewellery is jewellery created in Scotland or in a style associated with Scotland, which today often takes the form of the Celtic style. It is often characterised by being inspired by nature, Scandinavian mythology, and Celtic knot patterns. Traditional examples of Scottish jewellery are often functional objects that have been decorated and over time have become jewellery items.

Over time, these necessary objects took on more and more decorative appearances, and are now considered an aesthetic item that is more of an accessory.

locating and unstanding the date of a huge letters of different marks and symbols used on Scottish provincial silver. The silver.

David Wilke, Wearing the Royal Stuart tartan became a regular sight for anyone keeping an eye on the monarchy. Prince Philip adopted it and the Princes Albert and Alfred had their portraits painted wearing their kilts. At times it seemed like the Queen was single-handedly keeping the tartan manufacturers in business through her distribution of Highland style gifts to family, friends and Royal retainers.

Along with the tartan came the traditional functional jewelry used to secure plaid wraps and kilts. Thought to ward off evil spirits, these were widely distributed as love tokens. Much of the pebble jewelry produced was unsigned. These marks are helpful in dating a piece but do little, if anything, to identify the maker.

The passion for this remarkable jewelry remained high throughout the Victorian era. The fact that the style was both fashionable and affordable had more than a little to do with its popularity. The colorful mosaics and whimsical designs seemed to stay new and fresh well into the start of the twentieth century. Following World War I, its popularity waned a bit, but a large quantity of pebble jewelry was still being made.

Scottish Jewelry. At the turn of the nineteenth-century interest in Scotland was renewed in the readers of the popular historical novels, penned under a cloak of secrecy, by Sir Walter Scott.

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Victorian Scottish Silver Mug, Edinburgh c1870

Since then, there have been ten Assay Offices in the UK. There are four Assay Offices operating in the UK today. Assay Office Birmingham was established by Act of Parliament and was opened in

LONDON DATE LETTERS CHART / SILVER HALLMARKS UK. If your hallmark was assayed in either Glasgow or Glasgow you can use this guide to read you.

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However, there is plenty of Scottish silver jewellery which is completely thistle-free apart from possibly the hallmarks, as I hope this article will demonstrate. A lot of Scottish silver jewellery is absolutely beautiful and in some cases has much in common with work by Scandinavian modernist designers. The standard mark for Edinburgh silver pieces made between and is a thistle, while the one for Glasgow is a lion rampant.

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Scotland is well-known for his clans, the fearless militaries going to the battlefield preceded by their pipers and the unspoiled nature of the Highlands with lochs, rivers, salmon and stags. Deciphering marks on silver items is a fascinating pastime for silver collectors, but mostly they have no idea of the background of these marks and the reason why specific punches were chosen as town mark or standard mark. The scope of this article is to trace back the origin of Scottish silver punches to the earliest times and to bring the reader up-to-date on this subject.

Hallmarks were for most part, freely adopted by individuals or clans at some point in the Middle Ages and in many cases it is impossible to define the meaning of it, if any. In particular cases however symbols and emblems of official seals were the source of town marks and were subsequently integrated in city coat of arms. As explained hereafter some punches are even linked to Scottish legends, which is not surprising as Scotland has an extensive heritage in that field. This thistle mark was used as a national emblem of Scotland.

From to present the lion rampant replaces the Thistle as the standard mark. According to legend Scottish soldiers were forewarned of Viking invaders by their screams as they were wounded by thistles whilst creeping ashore. Sterling silver was guaranteed in Glasgow with the Lion Rampant mark from till the closure of the assay office in

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