11 Types of Beer Glasses for Every Style of Beer

As the name suggests, shakers have been used behind the bar for more than a century to — yup! Thanks to their ubiquitous beginnings, easy stackability, and durable builds, the glasses were used for beer beginning in the post-Prohibition era when American beers were low-alcohol, bland lagers. The practice stuck, and now you get your craft beer in the same glass as your iced coffee. The shape of a shaker forces you to grasp the beer with your palm. Your full, sweaty, stinky palm. Even when served colder than average, your body temperature will raise the temperature of your brew faster than you think. The bulb and narrower mouth of a tulip helps direct aromas straight to your nose, which is huge for beers like spicy Belgian styles and floral IPAs. And luckily, brewers did the homework for you. Would you serve wine in a pint glass? Would you serve bourbon to the rim in a coffee mug?

German soldiers with beer glasses and barrels. Date: early 20th century

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Millions of litres of beer is being tipped down the drain in Australia as huge quantities of the liquid gold goes off in kegs. It is news no beer lover wants to hear, but with pubs and clubs closed due by coronavirus restrictions and most not due to reopen to large numbers any time soon, the product is “starting to come up against some of its use-by dates”.

The biggest brewers are trying to repurpose the beer by putting some of it through their wastewater treatment plants, but cannot guarantee some of the product will not be simply dumped. Beer educator and commentator Matt Kirkegaard said he has never seen the industry in such a slump. I’ve seen estimations of millions of litres. Millions of would-be schooners have been going stale since pubs and breweries closed to drinkers when coronavirus restrictions tightened in late March.

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Brewery Beers Events. Taprooms News Merch. This shimmering, golden ale combines citrusy and floral American hops with Pale, Vienna and Wheat malts.

The perfect lead free crystal beer glass to fit all types of beer and bring maximum satisfaction to the growing number of beer lovers as they consume their favo.

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Now with a wide range of beer styles at pretty much every bar and restaurant across the country, more establishments are carrying a variety of glasses to appropriately match the liquid inside, and you should do the same. Many classic styles of beers from Europe have their own serving vessel. So, there are actually quite a few types of pint glasses.

Lenox has an extensive collection of beer glasses for every occasion. Whether you’re looking to have a cold lager after a long day or hosting a party with ale.

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